June 6th - September 2019 / ABA ART LAB / Site specific installations

Ishokujuu is a Japanese expression to describe the basic necessities or to define quality of life.

I = clothing

Shoku = food

Juu = Shelter

For each of these words a site specific installation reflects thoughts on our relationship towards these basic needs. The pieces created for this exhibition have been made using only material stored in the artists studio and collected throughout years: yarn from a knitwear factory that closed down in Catalonia years ago that someone brought to the artists studio, paper from an old printing studio in Mallorca, that had been active until the 90’, an old architecture book with photography of houses that the artists had bought years ago in a local charity fair, scraps of textile contained in a box, cardboard strips stored in a glass container, etc. It was importan to the artists using already available material without purchasing new one, using what she had and trying to talk through it. The installations created for Ishokujuu have also been created using very basic artisanal techniques as knitting, sewing, paper folding, weaving.